Wall Art - Transforming The Spaces in Which We Live

It's More Than Just Decor - Art Creates in Itself 

You may have not created it, but purchasing wall art is creative in itself. There's many reasons for choosing art, it can be that the piece speaks to you or has meaning. It can solely be for decor purposes, the artwork matches your colour scheme.

Either way, you're making a creative choice as to the purpose the artwork is going to serve.

Wall art serves a physical need as well as having emotional & psychological benefits.

The colours of an artwork can match & enhance existing decor. It can also be a statement piece by contradicting the colour scheme & creating a focal point. Depending on the materials the image is printed on gives you the option to add texture to a space.

Art can affect us on a deeper level though & can do more than just match the furniture, it can change the feeling & energy of a room & consequently people.

The human brain is hardwired  to appreciate art. The right brain expands on what it sees. Looking at an image of a forest for example, the mind is drawn into it & wants to see what's through the trees, just as an artwork of a desert for instance, there's a curiosity as to what's over the horizon.

Wall art can stimulate the imagination, makes you look & think as well as feel.
An image of nature for instance can have a calming affect. Black & white images tend to create a formal or even industrial look, whilst a more bold or colourful image can create vibrancy. 

All my images are available on various printed mediums with frame colour & multiple size options.
The options of wall art are :

Photographic Prints - printed on high quality photographic paper with your choice of glossy or matte finish.

Framed Photographic Prints - Printed on a high quality photographic paper with a luster finish. Presented within a 2-3 inch white border & a 1.25 inch solid frame. Frames can be black, white or brown. Also fitted with a protective Plexiglas & ready to hang.

Canvas Print - either a gallery wrap or with a floating frame. The wrap comes with white or black edges stretched over a 1.25 inch wood frame, the full image being displayed on the front.
The mirror edge has the full image printed on the front with a mirror portion of the image printed on the edges, creating a 3D effect.
The floating frame is a 1.5 inch thick solid frame available in black, white or brown. Comes ready to hang.

Acrylic Print - printed on archival paper, the 1/8 inch acrylic material gives the image a vibrant & polished finish. Comes ready to hang.

Metal Print - a quality print with aluminium surface & a matte, waterproof finish. Comes with 0.5 inch float mount and is ready to hang.

Everyone has different tastes & the wall art you choose can reflect your personality or interests as well as your creative & decorative flair.

Not just confined to the home, wall art can bring many benefits to the workplace, boardrooms, offices, corporate reception areas, lobby's, cafes, restaurants ... I don't think there's a wall anywhere that wouldn't benefit from a piece of art!


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My wall art is available in most countries, simply use the drop down menu in the gallery view to select your location.

Once ordered, your wall art is printed & shipped out within 3 business days, delivered to your door between 9 to 12 days of placing the order.


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