Stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas?

Give The Gift of Art

Give your friends & loved ones something unique this year

It's getting toward that time of year again when we start struggling with what to give our friends

& loved ones for the festive season.

Fill your Christmas trolley with artistic cheer!

Well there are many reasons why art makes a lovely & practical gift.

Art isn't a throw away item. Yes, gadgets can be fun & entertaining ... for a short time, until they break or get stored in a cupboard never to see the light of day again. This goes for all age groups too. It's a cliche & somewhat corny expression, but art really is the " gift that keeps on giving "

When you gift an artwork or framed print to someone, this is a present that will last for years, if not a lifetime.

With an artwork or fine art photograph, you can find an image that represents something they may have an interest or affinity too. Perhaps a place they've visited or would like to see one day. It could be a landscape image if they enjoy nature. Or it could be an abstract that suits their personal taste or decor. Or simply just a nice piece you know they would like.

As mentioned, art is for all age groups. It can be a fun image, a photograph of cars, animals or simply have great colours that brightens up a room.

Giving art is a wonderful sentiment. Every time your loved one sees it hung on their wall it will remind them of you. Which brings up the point of it being a great present if you can't always be there, perhaps living in another country from each other as many family & relatives do.

Art doesn't have to be expensive either. You don't need to compromise your taste along with your budget. Some shop bought art may well be inexpensive, but it's not that unique & it's not really saying to the recipient what you want to say.

Plus buying art can be so much simpler, easier & less time consuming than you may realize. You don't need to trudge around the shops or even visit galleries to find that special piece. Art, & great art, can be found online. You can browse to your heart's content in the comfort of your own home whilst sipping a nice Chardonnay!

But one of the major reasons, & I say this as a photographer selling my art, is that you also support independent artists.

Buying original & unique artwork is helping artists keep doing what they love & do best, create art. Instead of supporting major outlets which, not all, but many buy in stock from China & other places where it is mass produced, cheaply but at a cost to the workers & the environment. Yes! Local art is environmentally friendly too!

So stop scratching your head & save the last minute panic of what to buy for Christmas this year. Support an artist & buy that special person in your life something...well, special this Christmas.

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