Canvas or Photographic Print?

They're both fantastic formats to present art or a photograph as a finished product.

Deciding which one to go with depends on preference as well as where it will be hung & the look or feel you're wanting to achieve.

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So what's the difference between photographic paper & canvas?

The framed photographic prints that I offer through the website use Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper.

The canvas is printed on Art Polycanvas, meaning it's a polyester canvas which is more flexible when stretching over the frame.

Matched with the highest quality printing equipment, this gives the best possible printed outcome on either medium.

I'm not sure there's advantages or disadvantages to each medium as such, just differences.

Photographic paper offers more detail, this is true - but with the advances in print technology canvas isn't that far behind. Again, unless you're exhibiting the work, they both are great choices for interior decor.

The framed photograph is more traditional & can have a more formal appeal. Because there are 3 colour choices for the framing, you're able to match or compliment existing decor.

Black & white images do look stunning on photographic paper, but monochrome or colour, you will get more reflection or glare. So maybe not a good choice if being hung where it will catch lots of light.

It is a more expensive choice than canvas. When it comes to cost per size, canvas is great value for money.

Also framed prints are heavier, so depending on the size a more sturdy nail in wall may be needed!

The obvious difference with canvas is the textured finish of the weave. This gives it that painted effect whilst still retaining a high level of detail.

Canvas printing uses UV resistant inks & can also handle humidity. Great choice if you're looking for a picture to hang in the bathroom. As well as no glare, a canvas print can be hung pretty much anywhere.

Going for the frameless option gives you the choice of black or white edges as well as printing all the way around the frame to give a 3D effect.

A large frameless print presents like a window into the image.

Framing is available too - black, brown & white. These are floating frames. As the name suggests, it makes the print appear to float within the frame. Like the framed photograph, the colours available for the floating frames means you can choose one that suits your decor.

Well I hope this has helped to clarify the differences between these two print mediums & please feel free to browse my images.



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